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How to save money - but still live well!

Are we all throwing a fortune away?

Advertising - and peer pressure - can make us waste money. Do we really need to throw out perfectly good clothing and buy new ones, just because fashions changed last week? Is that expensive perfume, which the famous footballer gets paid a fortune to endorse, really better than the economy line? Are there genuine advantages in paying a packet for the latest mobile phone, even though our old one is perfectly serviceable?

Here are just a few ways of saving money - perhaps a lot of it - on everyday items. If you have other ideas which you think we should add, why not contact us now and tell us about them!

Home made bread, a real treat!

There are few aromas as enticing of that of freshly baked bread coming from your own kitchen - but is making your own economically viable? We looked into it.

More about baking your own bread

Making your own perfume

Perfumes can be very expensive - but is it really possible to make your own?

More about making your own perfume.

Bulk buying food

Does buying food in bulk save cash, or is it a false economy?

More about bulk buying food

Saving money on cosmetics

Are there more cost effective ways?

More about saving on cosmetics

How to slash the cost of heating your home

Can we cut the cost of heating, without shivering or creating pollution?

More about reducing heating bills

There's more to broccoli than just the florets!

Are we throwing away the most nutritious part?

More about making the most of broccoli

How to save money on car insurance

Are we being taken for a ride by the insurance companies?

More about cutting the cost of car insurance

Are we paying through the nose for fertiliser?

There are often 'greener' and more economical ways to help plants grow, than pouring expensive chemicals on them.

More about making your own fertiliser

Do we pay too much for seeds?

Many plants create their own. Here's how this can save money.

More about growing your own seeds

Economical cleaning products

Economical ways of replacing expensive soaps and detergents.

More about cutting the cost of household cleaners

Eradicating garden pests

Many commercial treatments not only cost a fortune, but they endanger pets and wildlife too. Here are the answers.

More about controlling slugs, snails and other pests

Tinned peas and beans - are we throwing away the best part?

Most people regularly tip good, healthy food down the sink. See what they're missing!

More about why you shouldn't throw the juice away

Save money on bottled water

We all need to drink more water, but tap water can taste foul. Is there an economical answer?

More about getting hydrated, economically

Saving money in the bathroom

How to stop flushing money down the drain, along with the bath water

More about saving money in the bathroom

How a pressure cooker could save you money

Once a staple fixture in many kitchens they have fallen out of fashion - but could you save a lot of money with one?

More about pressure cookers

Save money on your weekly shop

Could you schedule your shopping to get maximum savings?

More about shopping to save

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